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Such a wonderful year and so many photos.
Here are 20+5 photos of last year.
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Season Finale- Polo Club at Mies, Switzerland

Last proper Summer days when the heat was almost 34 degrees and Polo Final Match took place. Polo, what are the first three things are coming in my head – Horses, Ralph Lauren and beautiful people. Well, here I could stop writing now, as that`s how it was. People were super nicely dressed, although I`m sure that 90% people wished that they could be in bikinis and have a pool next to them. As it was sweltering. The event was lovely, many beautiful lounges and relaxed atmosphere. Now if you ask me who was the winner…? Then I am not quite sure about that, as it took me awhile to understand the game etc. Yeah, I know it is one kind of “Blond thing of mine” or maybe I just do not want to share wrong information.. So next year I will probably understand and focus better. I did share so many photos of this Event, which I don`t even know what else to add. Anyway, see you next year and now it is time …

Most magnificient wedding at the Motreaux Palace

Despite the fact, that the whole summer, I have been working hard and also had very nice holidays everywhere. I am delighted to share time to time some of my/our work. And of course behind all of this work,  is not always only me. Half a year ago, I got a call where the lovely lady was asking me  If I would like to be the decorator at her daugther`s wedding. Apparently she has seen my work and loved it. In some reasons, I don`t share my all work with you. (Trying to do my best now, to share all of my work. That you could see what am I actually doing) The wedding was just magnificent, one of the most glamours and lovely wedding, I have ever seen. Have a look at some of the pictures, and if you need to organize your wedding, decorate it or some advice, please do not hesitate to contact me. WEDDING AT THE MONTREAUX PALACE 2015

When Geneva, India and Fashion Meet..

cFriends and Followers, It is already the end of July, and I have so much material to share with you. First of all I need to travel back in time and talk about the Amazing Fashion show, which we had at the end of June. But also, I have been holding myself back in terms of writing. First of all I have been thinking: “Who will read it and second of all, I don`t always get the inspiration as I have so much work to finish up all the time.” But another day when I noticed, that I have almost 10 000 Email Followers and fans. Then I realized, I have a voice and people care about it. ( Another time I will write about it longer) But thank you for supporting me. But let me tell you how Geneva, India and Fashion met. It Sounds like a very Spicy Luxurious Story. What are the words pop up in your head when you heard word India? –  Spicy food, Dancing, Colours and Bollywood And about …

When the world stops… “Birthday Glam Party”

Ohh.. It`s been a week… And the town is still talking about:  “Oh, Ms.B Turned 25 with the real storm and Party.” First of all big thank you to each one of you who dressed up and came to celebrate my birthday and Ms.B Lifestyle (Previous Ms.B Partytime) 3rd successful year. Because of you my people, I feel good and satisfied. Thank you for your all the messages and gifts! I love each one of them. Unfortunately during the event I didn’t have a chance to thank you and see all the gifts. I opened them another day, and I was just speechless. You all know me so well, you got me the best gifts ever. Plus there is one gift- Bracelet – which has an angel wing on it, and I don’t know who gave me this gift. I love it a lot, and I am wearing it every day. First of all, because I believe in angels & second of all – I feel the real energy around it. THANK YOU! Now let me …