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When the world stops… “Birthday Glam Party”


It`s been a week…

And the town is still talking about:  “Oh, Ms.B Turned 25 with the real storm and Party.”

First of all big thank you to each one of you who dressed up and came to celebrate my birthday and Ms.B Lifestyle (Previous Ms.B Partytime) 3rd successful year. Because of you my people, I feel good and satisfied.

Thank you for your all the messages and gifts! I love each one of them. Unfortunately during the event I didn’t have a chance to thank you and see all the gifts. I opened them another day, and I was just speechless. You all know me so well, you got me the best gifts ever.

Plus there is one gift- Bracelet – which has an angel wing on it, and I don’t know who gave me this gift. I love it a lot, and I am wearing it every day. First of all, because I believe in angels & second of all – I feel the real energy around it. THANK YOU!

Now let me tell you the little bit about the party.

Everything started from March/April when I was thinking.. Shall I organize my birthday this year?

I know it was a stupid thing to ask myself, as I knew the answer- Of course…

When I came up with the Idea of “Old Hollywood”, then I knew it needs to be by the lake and red carpet. As an Event Organizer, I started to look around where I could find all the materials and “Objects” for it.

The next Step was to find a photographer, music, alcohol and send invitations out…
Good Friend of mine Rav offered that he can fly to Geneva from UK and be the photographer. Rav is the superb friend of mine, who I met when I was organizing my first events in Geneva. So I was just so excited and thankful for his offer and happy to know that he will come and celebrate my birthday with me.

Few days later I had a meeting with a very talented Dj “Thomas Luke” and he said: “Hey B. I can be the DJ”. I hesitated first as I didn’t want him to work for my birthday party, but he convinced me that he would have fun when he could play at my party!

So I had almost everything:

a) Location
b) Tent
c) Red Carpet
d) Photographer
e) Dj
f) The best Geneva People

Only things what I needed for were alcohol and decorations.
A Very nice friend of mine Daria, she offered her help to get some decorations and alcohol. We managed to get everything. How much alcohol had we? No idea, as I still have so much alcohol at home. ( Don’t worry people, summer lake party will come)

Of course Champagne, Mumm gave us the Sparkle and first edition of Ms.B Lifestyle Vodka, which is still staying at home and waiting another Event.

On Saturday morning!
We all woke up earlier and started to organize, we got all of the things ready and we transported them to the beach. It took us the whole day to set up everything & to make sure that we are having the private Hollywood party.
The day was just the sunniest and most beautiful I could every ask…

Meanwhile when everything was ready for the party, we left back home and “Partysitter Yori aka Elvis” took care of the place.
We got dressed up and returned to the beach. Everything was going so smoothly that I just couldn’t imagine what possibly can go wrong

The minute when I saw that over the France is so dark like the world is coming to an end. I knew… It is going to be a storm. Just Great!
I was standing there and feeling the fresh wind and thinking…”It  is going to be one hell out of a party!”

The moment my first guest Karina arrived, I started to smile! As she is just the so positive person, and she brings the sun with her.
Next 30 minutes was the biggest storm I could ever ask for my Birthday! Thank you, weather for the beautiful gift! Now I know that  it is going to be a stormy and intense year.
I love nature and storms because then it makes me realize, that human being you can`t change the world. Nature does!
Anyhow all the first guests- were holding the tent and were trying to fight against the wind.. This picture is still in front of my eyes. People were taking selfies and trying to hold the party tent together. hahahah – what a memory!

After hearing the couple of times: “B. what we are going to do next??” I realized, we all going to our home.
Everything happened so fast, Each one of us they took something with them, and we all came to our place. It was a pleasure to know that I have so many supportive and kind people around me. I knew on that moment, that I sent out the right invitations and I have the best people.

The next moment I had no idea what`s going to happen next…

But apparently after standing and trying to get things in order. I realized the party is on, and people are happy!
When I checked the pictures afterward I, realized out, you all had a freaking crazy time. So what I can say, I probably had the most crazed 25th birthday ever.
Thank you for my neighbors who didn’t even say a word about it! Next year they will be inivted 😉

I am so glad that you, my best people, came to celebrate my birthday. All of this energy and smiles will help me to go on this crazy year.

Just to mention, that good parties don`t happen because of only one person. It happens because of all of you!
Thank you for Yoann, who came especially for this weekend to Geneva. Thank you for Yori, Mathu, Rav, Daria, Thomas and Praveen, who took their time and energy to help me out.

Thank you for my beautiful people! People you make the best memories and stories.
I am looking forward to seeing you this Thursday at the Fashion show and of course – so many great events are coming this summer and in the future.

Diego: “B. it is your moment! This was an epic party, show it to the world.”
With lots of love and happiness!

The happiest person on earth  aka Ms.B

HS6A1006 (2) HS6A1007 (2) HS6A1009 (2) HS6A1014 (2) HS6A1016 (2) HS6A1017 (2) HS6A1020 (2) HS6A1026 HS6A1035 HS6A1045 (2) HS6A1046 (2) HS6A1050 (2) HS6A1054 HS6A1055 HS6A1057 HS6A1059 HS6A1061 HS6A1072 (2) HS6A1078 (2) HS6A1079 (2) HS6A1084 (2) HS6A1094 (2) HS6A1096 (2) HS6A1106 (2) HS6A1107 (2) HS6A1108 (2) HS6A1113 (2) HS6A1115 (2) HS6A1123 (2) HS6A1128 (2) HS6A1130 (2) HS6A1133 (2) HS6A1135 (2) HS6A1137 (2) HS6A1139 (2) HS6A1144 (2) HS6A1145 (2) HS6A1146 (2) HS6A1147 (2) HS6A1154 HS6A1158 HS6A1165 (2) HS6A3452 (2) HS6A3456 (2) HS6A3461 (2) HS6A3468 (2) HS6A3473 (2) HS6A3476 (2) HS6A3485 (2) HS6A3489 (2) HS6A3490 (2) HS6A3495 (2) HS6A3506 (2) HS6A3510 (2) HS6A3527 HS6A3530 HS6A3534 HS6A3441 (2)

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