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Season Finale- Polo Club at Mies, Switzerland

Last proper Summer days when the heat was almost 34 degrees and Polo Final Match took place.

Polo, what are the first three things are coming in my head – Horses, Ralph Lauren and beautiful people. Well, here I could stop writing now, as that`s how it was.
People were super nicely dressed, although I`m sure that 90% people wished that they could be in bikinis and have a pool next to them. As it was sweltering.

The event was lovely, many beautiful lounges and relaxed atmosphere.

Now if you ask me who was the winner…? Then I am not quite sure about that, as it took me awhile to understand the game etc. Yeah, I know it is one kind of “Blond thing of mine” or maybe I just do not want to share wrong information..
So next year I will probably understand and focus better.
I did share so many photos of this Event, which I don`t even know what else to add.
Anyway, see you next year and now it is time to think about Autumn and Winter Activities. ( Seems that I need to travel a lot)

Enjoy Some photos of this Amazing day and Follow also my Facebook page:  Ms.B Lifestyle

IMG_4580 IMG_4584

Of course, we made lots of photos with Horses …

IMG_4600 IMG_4599 IMG_4598

Aaaaaaand… then just me. Here and there.

IMG_4610 IMG_4613

AAAAand, more horses.

IMG_4639 IMG_4637

The Game itself. Or at least the opening of Finals.

IMG_4645 IMG_4659

With my beautiful Aston Martin.. My kind of Jewelry

IMG_4675 IMG_4679

And more Aston Martin! 😉 And More more ❤

Thank you! 😉

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