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When Geneva, India and Fashion Meet..

cFriends and Followers,

It is already the end of July, and I have so much material to share with you. First of all I need to travel back in time and talk about the Amazing Fashion show, which we had at the end of June.

But also, I have been holding myself back in terms of writing. First of all I have been thinking: “Who will read it and second of all, I don`t always get the inspiration as I have so much work to finish up all the time.”

But another day when I noticed, that I have almost 10 000 Email Followers and fans. Then I realized, I have a voice and people care about it. ( Another time I will write about it longer) But thank you for supporting me.


Photo Credit: Jorge Romero

But let me tell you how Geneva, India and Fashion met. It Sounds like a very Spicy Luxurious Story.

What are the words pop up in your head when you heard word India? –  Spicy food, Dancing, Colours and Bollywood

And about Geneva? : Luxury, Expensive and beautiful

And this is how I could explain this Fashion Night: It was full of Luxurious People, Colours, Little bit Bollywood niche and expensive feeling 🙂

During the event, we had three different Fashion Shows – Sport, Casual and Classic

All of them were entirely different and interesting 😉

Ms.B Lifestyle would like to thank you Talwinder’s Team, Beautiful Hostesses and all the people who came. You`re the reason Ms.B Lifestyle is organizing the most suprising  events.

For more about the brand, you can find out: Talwinder

Also about the photographer: Photographer

11707628_830061693742897_6513795275965699208_n 11698549_1452825368345780_7614380889629849018_n 11695021_830062467076153_6922621499796545630_n 11692511_1452823398345977_8408206751151279301_n 11666185_1452823968345920_8033610308463431646_n 11225399_830062767076123_5905723726470751321_n 11742691_830061473742919_7522143291731755426_n 10380297_1452825318345785_198155060818643860_n 11709649_1452825778345739_7379257711832537336_n 11102858_1452842715010712_3279168031044686052_n 11709549_1452824561679194_6546760959136810233_n - Copy

More pictures, please find at Photos

For more information, please feel free to contact me.


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