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V E R O N A – Go wisely and slowly. Those who rush stumble and fall.

It is easy to say and hard to do! – I promise each week that I will write and share my photos. This year in 3 months I have had 8 big projects! I am almost done with everything and ready to start with new ones, so I am truly hoping that as soon as I have  this “Piece of free time”, I will share all the photos, videos, Websites and etc with you! 😉


Verona (2 of 14)


After two gorgeous days in Venice, our next destination was Verona!
Let me be honest, I don’t think we would have ever gone there if one our friends hadn’t recommended it.

Well, everything happens for a reason and at the right time.  As always my “Travel” posts are not the typical Tourist Post. Not that I do not care about all of the architecture, history and stories. I do!


Verona (3 of 14)
But I do not like to be surrounded by crazy tourists who are just shoving and taking one photos after another without taking a moment to enjoy the beauty of it.  We also took photos, but we also didn’t take photos of the most touristy places – because we all have a chance to go and see it.
So if someone is looking at this Blog Post for some traditional “Travel” photos, then you are going to be disappointed! 😉


Venice To Verona


After a wonderful and delicious breakfast, we were on our way to Verona!
It was a 2-hour drive from our hotel. The highway was clear and the mood was good, as we had so much fun in Venice and we were excited to travel back in time again.

Verona has been listed as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And I completely agree with that. Did I like it more than Venice? Somehow yes!

We arrived to our hotel around 2 o’clock and we stayed at the wonderful www.dbhotelverona.

Verona (1 of 14)
Again, we absolutely recommend it! First if you travel by car, then you’ll get free parking. The hotel also has two restaurants and spa. And because of the Spa, we decided to take this one! There are also many other wonderful Hotels to stay at.
When we arrived, we booked our shuttle (15 euros round-trip) and we had our first glass of Prosecco for the day! 😉


Verona (4 of 14)



Within 10 minutes we were in the center on Verona and we were ready to discover and get lost. That’s what I love doing when I go to a new city, just to walk as much as possible and get to know the “real town” as much as possible.


It was a beautiful sunny Sunday and Verona was absolutely full of tourists. I was probably the tallest tourist in Verona after a very long time, so people just stopped and stared at me.  No worries, I am used to that! 😉
Venice, Verona, Milan-38


First of course we discovered the amazing Colosseum! It is worth it.

Then of course we needed to take a photo of the “Forever Love” statue. But this was challenging. Because European people start queuing up, but then people from Asia or somewhere around there have no idea about forming a queue. I am sure I photo-bombed many of their photos, since I thought if you do not want to queue up then you will have a photo with me in the background.


Verona is absolutely magical. All the shops are open on Sundays and you can happily treat yourself with new pair of sunglasses or dresses.


Venice, Verona, Milan-44

By the time we arrived at the center of Verona Old town, it was just way too crowded. People were waiting to visit Giulietta’s statue and balcony.
Here again, being tall was helpful because I didn’t need to push myself through all the tourists.


Been there! Success.


Verona is definitely super magical and a very romantic town! At the center of Verona you have a little market and some very good restaurants.
Venice, Verona, Milan-48

Venice, Verona, Milan-46

Then of course, we again had some pizza and Aperol! And more wine and Aperol.


And like I said, we love to get lost in a new city and drink some local wine or Prosecco, and of course meet some local people who don’t speak a word of English! That’s why I love you, my Italy.

Verona (13 of 14)Venice, Verona, Milan-54Verona (14 of 14)

Venice, Verona, Milan-58Venice, Verona, Milan-61Venice, Verona, Milan-62



We had exactly 15 minutes to run to the wine shop and our driver was already waiting! After a 15-minute drive, we were back in our hotel!

Venice, Verona, Milan-63


And then we spent our evening in the spa, because after this crazy winter, I needed to treat my body and mind. And of course for an Estonian to live in Switzerland and without any proper saunas, it is bit hard. The Italian sauna wasn’t very good either, but I didn’t expect it to be good!


Our day in Verona was over!


Venice, Verona, Milan-56

Next stop Milan – I love this city!




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