Month: May 2015

“Nothing makes a woman, more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful”

Spring is the season when all the beautiful women are coming out of their home!   Few weeks ago, we had a lovely day, and I managed to pull an impressive woman front of my camera! I would be especially happy if you could write three words about her when you look at these photos. It doesn’t matter if you know her or you don`t. I am so curious to know what do you see out of the photos. Like some of my friends can say, I don’t even need to meet her/him, I know that she is an incredible person. And when I am asking how do you know? The Answer is – Look at that smile!   My words about looking at the photos are;  WARM, FRIENDLY, BIG HEART!  Beautiful Pili`s Photoshoot If you would like to have nice photos, please feel free to contact me! 😉 With Love, Ms.B  

People will stare. Make it worth their while.

Hello! When I am reading my previous Blog post, I am like.. Seriously B. again you don’t have time to write about all the exciting things. Well, let me tell you where I have been. Last six months have been incredibly pleasant and busy. I had an opportunity to work with amazing Fashion Brand called Gemmina Mia,  I had photo shoots after one another, plus all of the wonderful events. But let me take a step by step and start from the beginning. So let`s go back in 6 months. Gemmina Mia, It is a leather bags and fur accessories brand- everything is hand made from England. During these months, I had a chance to get to know more about Fashion and also use my photography skills. (Please find the pictures below) I can`t say that I am the person who always buys the latest Fashion accessories and follows all the fashion bloggers.( I can already see how someone has grimaced face and thinking- “B. stop lying”) But let`s be honest, we all love beautiful things- …