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Hard to find a perfect Birthday Present? – “Private Photoshoot” Can be an option

Few years ago, when I discovered Photography for myself, then I carried my Camera with me everywhere. ( I took photos of everything)
Then I found out that I completely love taking pictures of People, as I see how beautiful they are.
Let`s be honest, I am not good landscape or detail photographer.  Well, Details I actually like, it is just my kind of “Detail”.

Coming back to the Birthday Present, well after few years of practicing, I started to feel proud of my photos. First of all, because it made people happy! Every Client I had been just extremely happy, when they first see their pictures. And then I started to give a voucher/gift card 1hour photo shoot for my friends.

I think I my head that this is the best gift I could ever give it to someone. I can take pictures of someone who is beautiful inside and outside( All my friends are, that`s why they are my friends). Second I can give them a memory of their Special year or day. Time flies so fast that one day it might be the only memory of you! ONLY YOU 😉

Of course pretty often I take photos of people who I have never met. Well. I have one rule.. Before I start to take photos of  my “Model”, I always spend time with them before, by getting them to know.
For me taking photos is just not “another click here and there”, for me it is that I get to know the person. And only knowing a person, I know what kind of photos they will like, etc. As we all are entirely different.

Beautiful Daria Photoshoot

Here, today I would like to share some photos of Beautiful Daria.
Daria had a birthday in the middle of June. As I thought, for a beautiful person like her,  I need to offer a photo shoot as a “Gift.”

Whenever I went for a run and saw this “beautiful field” I knew that I would like to take pictures of someone over there.

When we arrived there with Daria, she always didn’t see that beauty in that field what I had imagined in my head. It was just full of long grass and few small flowers everywhere. Which “Normal” person will not see.  Well let`s be honest, sometimes I just see a beauty in weird things.

We had a fantastic afternoon, and Now I am very happy to share some photos of that beautiful day.

If you would like to offer a photo shoot to your friend or for yourself.

Please get in touch via email:  or  

(This month special price for Autumn Photoshoot)

IMG_4072 IMG_4079 IMG_4085 IMG_4090  IMG_4103 IMG_4104  IMG_4239-2 IMG_4265 IMG_4328 IMG_4420 IMG_4493 IMG_4503


    • Thank you Yoann, 🙂 Your support matters a lot! 😉 So when you are here, maybe we could do a little photoshoot for you as well! 😉

      • michel pinson says

        For sure would be great ! I’ll be there 19-20/09, not booked yet because I’m not sure if I’ll fly in on 17 or 18…

      • michel pinson says

        Sure ))) I’ll let you know as soon as I’ll book something… complicated schedule 🙂

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