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Celebrating my 5 th year in Switzerland – How Ms.B was born and How did it change my life.

First: Thank you, my friends, here in Switzerland and all over the world. You have made my five years incredibly beautiful and adventurous.

This year I decided to celebrate my five years in Switzerland, with people who took me into their families and opened their home to me.

Within this five years, I have changed a lot. First of all I am not anymore a small village girl, well in my heart I am, but I see the world differently and understand it better. When I was living in my little village, then my life was small.. Small in many ways.  The news of the day was when someone got a speeding ticket, or someone was dressing up differently. Because I wasn’t able to see the world globally.
Five years later, I see the world completely differently; I know now more about religions, food, culture and languages. I understand what the world is and why we all are different.( Of course, I have a long way to go, but my world is bigger than before)  And today I am probably the last person who knows if my neighbor has a new dog or cat, as it is not anymore the most important news in my life.

Geneva area ( I used to live outside before) has been my home for five years. During this time, I have met incredible people, who inspired me and helped me to find myself.

So all the MsB, Partytime and today is called Ms.B Lifestyle –  is born because of my people. People who love me, support me and most likely inspire me.

Without you ( who is reading it) there could be no Ms.B Partytime or Lifestyle. Because you have been inspiring me and helping me to see who Am I 😉

First on Thursday, I visited my beautiful and smart children. We had amazing Sushi Dinner together, and my heart was again full of love. It is just amazing how children can make you love everything, and your life seems a lot brighter.
And another thing I always tell, they were children who didn’t know me. I just entered into their home and started to take care of them. Within a couple of months, they took me as their Big sister and me as their person.
We had amazing Sushi Dinner, and we played again like we used to do few years ago.

On Friday, I met my second Family, we had a beautiful dinner at Afganistan, Restaurant “Kutchi”. Apparently it is the incredible restaurant and has such a good food and atmosphere.
I the had the fantastic time over there, and I felt that having family and support to each other is the most important thing at the end of the day.

And on Saturday morning, was a time to visit Bern! Yes, what a shame, been living in Switzerland 5 years and haven’t visited the Capital.


There are so many beautiful boutiques and small shops. I even managed to try my first wedding dress on, so Bern is a very romantic town for me now. And of course, we took photos with everything Special! 😀

Yes, like you all said Bern Is magical! We spent a beautiful day and night over there.

IMG_4810 IMG_4733 IMG_4756  IMG_4871

Small Collage of Bern. Of course, I have more more photos, but next time let`s go together and let`s take more!
Only one sad thing about it was that Bear Park was closed, because Micha and Macha are on holidays. They will be back at the end of September.

Plus we couldn’t visit the Albert Einstein Museum, as there was some referendum going on and as they had a fight or something, they closed the bridge down.

Well.. Maybe next time then..


And of course, I spent this weekend with my Man, who I met in Geneva and fell completely in love with.
So I guess what keeps me in Geneva is the Love from all of you! 😉


Trying to be old school and understand maps.. Well we managed exactly 5 minutes and then we gave up.


Praveen is trying to find a street with his Google Maps! 🙂


Apparently Vespa Is super Popular in Bern. Which one to take?


The Tallest Church in Switzerland.. We went all the way up.

IMG_4885 IMG_4879 IMG_4890

And all the way down.. Still don’t understand how it was built. As on this time there were no powerful machines . Plus I the  engineers and architects were probably extremely smart.

IMG_4917 IMG_4938 IMG_4914

And we ended up having a beautiful dinner at Hotel Schweizerhof Bern *****superior. Highly recommended 😉


“I work really hard at trying to see the big picture and not getting stuck in ego. I believe we’re all put on this planet for a purpose, and we all have a different purpose… When you connect with that love and that compassion, that’s when everything unfolds.”

Thank you for reading it and will keep you posted!


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