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Such a wonderful year and so many photos.
Here are 20+5 photos of last year.
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Season Finale- Polo Club at Mies, Switzerland

Last proper Summer days when the heat was almost 34 degrees and Polo Final Match took place. Polo, what are the first three things are coming in my head – Horses, Ralph Lauren and beautiful people. Well, here I could stop writing now, as that`s how it was. People were super nicely dressed, although I`m sure that 90% people wished that they could be in bikinis and have a pool next to them. As it was sweltering. The event was lovely, many beautiful lounges and relaxed atmosphere. Now if you ask me who was the winner…? Then I am not quite sure about that, as it took me awhile to understand the game etc. Yeah, I know it is one kind of “Blond thing of mine” or maybe I just do not want to share wrong information.. So next year I will probably understand and focus better. I did share so many photos of this Event, which I don`t even know what else to add. Anyway, see you next year and now it is time …

People will stare. Make it worth their while.

Hello! When I am reading my previous Blog post, I am like.. Seriously B. again you don’t have time to write about all the exciting things. Well, let me tell you where I have been. Last six months have been¬†incredibly pleasant and busy. I had an opportunity to work with amazing Fashion Brand called Gemmina Mia, ¬†I had photo shoots after one another, plus all of the wonderful events. But let me take a step by step and start from the beginning. So let`s go back in 6 months. Gemmina Mia, It is a leather bags and fur accessories brand- everything is hand made from England. During these months, I had a chance to get to know more about Fashion and also use my photography skills. (Please find the pictures below) I can`t say that I am the person who always buys the latest Fashion accessories and follows all the fashion bloggers.( I can already see how someone has grimaced face and thinking- “B. stop lying”) But let`s be honest, we all love beautiful things- …

“Beauty Event” – Just because you call it as an Event, it does`t meant that is is an Event.

Just because you can call it an Event, it doesn’t mean that it is an Event. Last Thursday Manor and Uber Geneva, organized event, which was called “Beauty Event.” As I saw it day before on Instagram that they are doing it in Zurich and seemed pretty awesome. I decided to get my friends together & attend this Thursday Night Event in Manor, Geneva. First, it was organized by Uber and Manor Geneva; I adore both- Manor is one of the best shop in Geneva and Uber has won my heart. The best Taxi application and service been so far excellent( Using it almost 3-4 x per week). On the “Beauty Ride” advert, it was saying that order Uber, you will get the makeup done meanwhile you are having the ride to Manor. So we got the “BeautyRide” and after few minutes they canceled the Trip and after this it was impossible to get the “Beautyride”, hmm.. If you advertize yourself and book “Beautyride” and we will bring you to Manor, but then … CANCEL! …

This Summer Cocktail- Aperol Spritz with Champagne or Proseco!

Ohh, Summer is over.. Actually it never arrived in Switzerland, so let it be! But one thing is sure- I found my favorite cocktail this year- let me share it with you!   Aperol is an Italian aperitif similar to Campari but sweeter in taste. It has a relatively low alcohol content (11%) so perfect for ¬†warm summer afternoons. Best of all, it’s super easy. Here’s how its done…  3 parts prosecco 2 parts Aperol (see Tips for where to buy) 1 part soda water Slice of orange METHOD Pour over ice and top with a slice of orange I ¬†like to serve in a large bowl-style wine glass). Enjoy! WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SUMMER COCKTAIL THIS YEAR? ūüėČ

Today`s Snack recipe – Ms.B Spicy Samosa!

Hi Everyone,¬† Today I would like to introduce you one of my favorite snack, especially for the party/get together events or even for your dinner party. This recipe is modified the way I like it & I Like it super spicy. When Ms.B Partytime was celebrating their 2 anniversary in June- then some of you maybe had a chance to taste it. Let me tell you how do I make it: ( Please note it is really spicy- so if you would like to make it and don`t like super spicy then add less spices) – Recipe for 15 Samosas. First: Make the Dough( because it has to stay at least 20-30 minutes,covered)¬† Ingredients needed for samosa¬†All purpose flour/ maida – 1 cupCarom seeds / Ajwain ¬†/omam – 1/4 tsp (optional)Oil – 1 tbspSalt – approx 1/2 tsp Method¬†In a bowl mix together all purpose flour, salt and oil nicely with your finger tips.The flour should be well mixed with the oil. This is done to get crispy samosas. Then add carom seeds, water little …