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Long time no see, But how was Chicago?


Since last year I bought Desktop instead of Laptop for myself, since that, I have become the lazy writer.

Like we all are making new year`s promises that we will do more sport, learn new things, etc., but my PROMISE is that I will update each week, at least, one Blog Post.

As my days are sometimes very long- minimum 15 hours work behind the camera or computer, and then my favorite thing in this life happens to be Bed. But let me be honest, 15 hours business days are not an excuse for my people, who are waiting to read my stories and see the pictures.Thank you for your kind emails and comments, you are making me feel important.( Oh, this year I made some incredible photos, did I share any of them… NO?!!!)


But today I will fill up my travel column, as it was probably the biggest highlight at the end of this year. Not only because we happened to be in Chicago, but also because it was the first time for me to meet my better half Parents and attend an Indian wedding. So it was 3 in one 🙂

I was super happy that we made a decision to travel with SAS airlines. We had a chance to choose either Turkish Airlines or SAS.
We decided to go with SAS, as it had the 15hours flight instead of 30 hours flight with Turkish Airlines. The best decision we probably ever made, the flight was half empty, Food was super Delicious, and we made a new friend “Boku Sugar.”

We made a donation for “Bukowski” World Childhood Foundation and now we have a new baby to travel with us! Our first Baby!



We landed in Chicago on Sunday night after 15 hours flight. Chicago Welcomed us with fresh, white snow. Probably the only Snow in this year we were lucky to see, even Swiss Ski Resorts doesn’t have a proper snow.

Praveen`s sister picked us up and I after 3,5 years together with my man I finally met his Mom, Dad, and Sister.
They welcomed us with excellent Indian food. It was so delicious! Spicy, tasty and something what I exactly needed after 15 hours flight.

Of course, I was enchanted this time with Jet Lag. I went to bed at 9 Chicago time and woke up at 2 am which was 8 o`clock in Swiss time. And my whole week was exactly like this. Very annoying!

The next day we were driving around and were trying to get some important stuff like ADAPTER and wine 🙂


Of course, everybody was super busy and excited about the wedding, which made this trip, even more, interesting. Praveen`s mother and sister bought me many sarees, my first ones 😉
So on Monday I had my costume trial day – Love all of them 😉


Tuesday we took a trail to Chicago City Center, as we were advice it is the best option to go. Plus it is hard to find car parking. Well, the train costs for us only 7 dollars, and it was a very excellent adventure.


We arrived in Chicago and let me be honest, this city has WIFI everywhere and FREE one. So compare to Estonia, where they advertise that they have Free Wifi, and then there is nothing to compare with Chicago WIFI connection. We had WIFI everywhere!

Although let me be honest, first time I took my time off for a Holiday! First two days I was still a little bit using my phone, but then I forgot that I even have a phone! Well, it was good to be offline and spend time with my man and have fun. We had! 😉
But Wifi was good for an option when you`re middle of the Chicago, and you need to order UBER or figure out how to get back to bar or hotel!


Then we had a little walk and found our Hotel; we stayed at Godfrey Hotel! AMAZING! Highly recommended.

Of course During this pre- Christmas time, we did so much Shopping at Macys and, later on, we had such a lovely spa treatment.

About our Spa evening, this turned out the little bit funny.

The girl who was taking care of my manicure and pedicure probably had a little crush on me 🙂

After the pedicure, she started to do my nails, and suddenly she says: “You`re so beautiful,”

I answered “Thank you it is very kind of you” .. I see how she blushes little bit, but I don´t let myself bother with it, as maybe it is the first time she says something to someone.
Suddenly she says: “You have such a beautiful earrings and smile.”
Ok, I smiled and said Thank you.
Finally, Praveen came next to me to get his manicure done, and my girl was asking: “Is he your friend?” , I said,” No he is my fiance”. Her eyes turned big and sad…
After this, she didn’t speak a word with me… Well, hopefully she had luck with someone else 🙂


We returned to Hotel and got ourselves ready! And we went to a GodFrey`s Lounge/bar!
Incredible Food, Drinks, and Service!
You all must stay at the Godfrey`s  there when you visit Chicago!

One night full of fun and laugh! We had half day of Wednesday, and we were ready to go back and attend the first day of Wedding.



About Chicago: Big City but very fun! People are friendly and very easy to get around.
UBER costs nothing there. I mean, most of the time we were using uber, and I assume that the whole week bill was together 100 USD. But we traveled very long distances etc. So I highly recommend using UBER 😉





Well, and now the Cherry on Top of the Cake!
We were invited to Praveen`s sister wedding. It was my first time to attend the Indian wedding. Well, I organized this summer a beautiful Indian Wedding, but now I Had a chance to be part of it!

Of course, the Indian wedding is something entirely different from my type of wedding. Not in a negative way, just because it was new for me I decided to go with the flow.
Wednesday evening we had “Mendhi night.”

Mendhi: the art or practice of applying temporary henna tattoos, especially as part of a bride or groom’s preparations for a wedding.



It was very Interesting, but of course, as it was so busy time then I didn’t get to know so much, why it is important etc.
The only thing I heard is that: More red is the Mendhi, the more your future husband loves you! 😉


As I offered myself to take some photos then I was busy with taking photos and videos! ( I will not share them all) 

Evening end up with nice food and drinks.

Thursday the wedding day 

Indians have a charming tradition where they send a girl away from home. It is somehow part of their Hindu Religion thing. Did I understand it completely? Not, as I am not raised like this.
But I found that this is something breathtaking and lovely.

Of course, everyone was wearing beautiful clothes and bangles. They wash the bride with Turmeric powder. If you ask why? I don’t know…

The only thing what I am sad of is that I had no one, and plus myself didn’t do enough homework to understand what is exactly going on.
After 2 hours, the ceremony was over, and we all started to become ready for the wedding.

Praveen`s sister got me a gorgeous Saree! I was very happy.

About the wedding… The bride was super gorgeous and seemed that everyone had fun.

But let the history talk about it one day longer, as someone`s wedding day is always more special than 3 sentences.



Time to go home


One week was super short, plus my terrible Jetlag!The jetlag was only good when I got back home, as my body and brain was still in Swiss time.

I was super happy that I met Praveen`s parents- they are lovely people. Praveen`s mom food is just super delicious. We will invite you all to our place when they come to visit us.
Praveen`s father is someone I can speak the same “Language” not because we can talk in English, we can understand the world a little bit different. I can  learn from him  a lot regarding Yoga and Meditation.
I was jubilant that eventually they took me the way I am. As it was the first time for me to meet my boyfriend`s parents, as Praveen is pretty much my one and only. But I am happy that he has such a lovely parents, who can handle a white girl! 😉
Thank you.

Sunday evening before we started to go to an airport, I had a feeling, “why didn’t we come earlier?” Time is something that we ran out of it.
It was such a beautiful week, full of love, passion, and feelings.



With Lots of Love and Happiness!

Thank you for reading 😉



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