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Annecy – “La France” – From Thunderstorm to Sunset

This week I would like to share some stories of Annecy. 

As soon now I have been living in Switzerland 5 years, then apparently I have managed to go to Annecy only 1. Yes, I know it is only 45 minutes away, and some of you are going there at least 1 in a week.
But, yes it is me.. Who likes to discover every time new things again. Because if you`re going too often the same place, you forget the beauty.


We arrived in Annecy with the proper rain and thunderstorm.   It was pouring rain…
We didn’t mind, as we had some nice wine with us and the view was still incredible.
My mom`s dream to go to Annecy, – whenever she visited me in Switzerland, she was asking, if we could go. Yeah took us about year to go, but finally 😉


They call Annecy as a “French Vienna” because it has so many canals, it is small and stunning.
It has some things very “French”, – Service, people, and Style. (But I love it anyhow)

We had a great look around in town, and we did a little break to have a cappuccino and crepes.


In the Evening, the sun came out again, and we had a nice walk by the lake.

Enjoy some photos.

Thank you for reading my Blog and supporting me.





IMG_3751 IMG_3754

IMG_3746 IMG_3744

IMG_3786 IMG_3782

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