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Such a wonderful year and so many photos.
Here are 20+5 photos of last year.
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Annecy – “La France” – From Thunderstorm to Sunset

This week I would like to share some stories of Annecy.  As soon now I have been living in Switzerland 5 years, then apparently I have managed to go to Annecy only 1. Yes, I know it is only 45 minutes away, and some of you are going there at least 1 in a week. But, yes it is me.. Who likes to discover every time new things again. Because if you`re going too often the same place, you forget the beauty. We arrived in Annecy with the proper rain and thunderstorm.   It was pouring rain… We didn’t mind, as we had some nice wine with us and the view was still incredible. My mom`s dream to go to Annecy, – whenever she visited me in Switzerland, she was asking, if we could go. Yeah took us about year to go, but finally 😉 They call Annecy as a “French Vienna” because it has so many canals, it is small and stunning. It has some things very “French”, – Service, people, and Style. (But I …

“Beauty Event” – Just because you call it as an Event, it does`t meant that is is an Event.

Just because you can call it an Event, it doesn’t mean that it is an Event. Last Thursday Manor and Uber Geneva, organized event, which was called “Beauty Event.” As I saw it day before on Instagram that they are doing it in Zurich and seemed pretty awesome. I decided to get my friends together & attend this Thursday Night Event in Manor, Geneva. First, it was organized by Uber and Manor Geneva; I adore both- Manor is one of the best shop in Geneva and Uber has won my heart. The best Taxi application and service been so far excellent( Using it almost 3-4 x per week). On the “Beauty Ride” advert, it was saying that order Uber, you will get the makeup done meanwhile you are having the ride to Manor. So we got the “BeautyRide” and after few minutes they canceled the Trip and after this it was impossible to get the “Beautyride”, hmm.. If you advertize yourself and book “Beautyride” and we will bring you to Manor, but then … CANCEL! …

MsB is thankful for these kind of moments and people! Thank you Victoria,

Dear People, November is here and days are getting shorter and colder. It is a sign that Christmas is coming. But before Christmas we have Thanksgiving and this month posts and pictures are for Thanksgiving. I am thankful for so many things, I am thankful that you are reading my Blog post, I am thankful that i have so many beautiful people around me and I am thankful to make people happy. A few weeks ago, when I met a good friend of mine. It was a sunny October Sunday and we decided to have a drink together and talk about “Creative Life”. As we both see world differently we had so many things to talk about! Later, i offered to Victoria, that let me take some photos of her. She wasn’t convinced in the beginning. Her opinion about taking photos wasn`t an excitement. I told her , why I like to take photos. One of the reason is that I can see the beauty what people doesn’t see in themselves anymore and I can …

Halloween 2014! Welcome to my Playboy Mansion!

Dear Friends and Followers, Halloween was a week ago & I have been over loaded with work, so finally I got enough time to share some great moments from this year Halloween!   This year Ms.B Partytime Homeparty Theme was “PlayBoy Mansion” which means “Come as cool as you can” Later on of course we went to Palladium, which is the best Halloween Party in Geneva! Halloween beats out all major holidays for these reasons: 1. Halloween decorations are awesome without being too sentimental, overly expensive, or in need of complicated wires. 2. Halloween celebrates gluttony. It’s all about consuming special treats. Who doesn’t like to be given permission to indulge their sweet teeth? I’m talking about roasted pumpkin seeds, candy corn, gummy worms, pumpkin cupcakes, pumpkin pie, and everything Hershey’s and Nestle has to offer. The only exception to this rule is Almond Joy’s, worst candy on earth. 3. The only day of the year where kids are allowed to talk to strangers. They bang on the doors of people they don’t know and …

Hosting a Halloween Party?

Of course this month the biggest Event is Halloween. So are you planning to host a Halloween party, but you would like to do something different. Here are some Ms.B Partytime Ideas! Enjoy 🙂 🙂 🙂 Check out these Pictures, maybe they will make your inspiration flow 🙂           ‘ Happy decorating,   MsB

4 Ways to Throw an Awesome Bachelorette Party!

Is there anyone who is getting married! Wedding in Autumn- nice colors, little bit chilly evenings and sky full of stars. I know you say – YESSSSS! But what your Maid of Honor should do for your Bachelorette party!   Here are some nice tips, how to start: 1.Choose A Creative Party Theme “Dressing up is so much fun”, so get all the girls together and dress up. You could be “Barbies” “Cats” or “Superwomen” – Make it as fun as possible. ( You only getting married once) 2. Invite all the girls and Play some Games together. One great idea is: a)Build a Book Buy a scrapbook with removable pages, and mail a page to all of the bachelorette’s girlfriends. Ask everyone to decorate one side with photos of herself and/or the bride, funny quotes and memories, a letter, mementos of their friendship, etc. On the other side, have them write out their favorite recipe. Wrap it up and give it to her during the party. b) Give Her a Hot Challenge Have everyone …


Hi, how are you doing?  Today is again the day for a snack.. Are you tired of making the same snacks and food all the time. Don`t know where to get inspiration? Follow MsBPartytime and you will get every once in a week one Delicious recipe 😉  Parties are fun when you have your friends, Food and Champagne! Make sure you will be the best host.   Today I would like to share one of my favorite snack ( meal)  “PAN-FRIED MUSHROOM AND CHEESE FLAUTAS”  For that you need some time, it might take an hour.. But it is worth it. Have a look and try it     INGREDIENTS   2 tablespoons butter or margarine 1 medium onion, chopped 1 medium red bell pepper, chopped 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1 package (8 oz) fresh mushrooms, chopped 1 teaspoon dried oregano leaves 1/4 teaspoon salt 8 (6-inch) Old El Paso™ flour tortillas (from 8.2-oz package) 1 1/2 cups finely shredded pepper Jack cheese (6 oz) 2 tablespoons vegetable oil Sour cream, if desired Guacamole, …