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People will stare. Make it worth their while.


When I am reading my previous Blog post, I am like.. Seriously B. again you don’t have time to write about all the exciting things. Well, let me tell you where I have been.

Last six months have been incredibly pleasant and busy. I had an opportunity to work with amazing Fashion Brand called Gemmina Mia,  I had photo shoots after one another, plus all of the wonderful events. But let me take a step by step and start from the beginning. So let`s go back in 6 months.

Gemmina Mia, It is a leather bags and fur accessories brand- everything is hand made from England.

During these months, I had a chance to get to know more about Fashion and also use my photography skills. (Please find the pictures below)

I can`t say that I am the person who always buys the latest Fashion accessories and follows all the fashion bloggers.( I can already see how someone has grimaced face and thinking- “B. stop lying”) But let`s be honest, we all love beautiful things- dresses, high heels, bags and this “Endless” list.

You probably have seen me walking around with my beautiful leather bag, so now you know it`s made by a brand called Gemmina Mia. If you`re interested to know more about the brand, please check out their website


Geneva`s best event- Dukascopy, Unfortunately, this time I will not write about Salvatore Ferragamo! 😉


And if you`re happening to visit Globus, Geneva this week, then you will have a chance to see all the bags and products over there as well!

It feels good to be back, it feels so good to have you all. Whenever someone walks into me and says: “Hey you`re B.”, then I know .. You all care about me & thank you for that.

I have signed some significant contracts. But before when we will run into the future, Let me first share all the past with you! 😉

Photos from some Photoshoots


Or if you happen to see this picture then think about me and Elodie ( Wonderful model in Geneva)




Fantastic Model Christelle Burrus. Photographer – Ms.B

Gemma IMG_5205 IMG_5737 IMG_5753


With Love,



  1. Ahh, how amazing to read this! Thank you for your kind words & again for ALL your help! You’ve helped me enormously and set the brand on a good path! Globus is going well & the infant dept. is keen to have Kiwi Booties this winter, so today’s good news! 🙂 Best of luck with your next project(s) & see you v soon (hopefully on 18th!) Gx

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