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“Nothing makes a woman, more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful”

Spring is the season when all the beautiful women are coming out of their home!   Few weeks ago, we had a lovely day, and I managed to pull an impressive woman front of my camera! I would be especially happy if you could write three words about her when you look at these photos. It doesn’t matter if you know her or you don`t. I am so curious to know what do you see out of the photos. Like some of my friends can say, I don’t even need to meet her/him, I know that she is an incredible person. And when I am asking how do you know? The Answer is – Look at that smile!   My words about looking at the photos are;  WARM, FRIENDLY, BIG HEART!  Beautiful Pili`s Photoshoot If you would like to have nice photos, please feel free to contact me! 😉 With Love, Ms.B  

If your life is worth thinking about, it is worth writing about!

Hi everyone, Opps, it has been a while…, sorry, hope you’re all doing great! I am finally here again and guess what, it’s Spring Time in Geneva and we have all come back to life! The lambs are jumping in the mountain pastures, the bunnies are humping in the fields and we’re all about to eat a whole lot of chocolate… It is so good to feel that Spring air is with us again and I woke up from my “winter dream”.  So many of you have been asking, why I don`t write my blog anymore and where i have been? There are many reasons why I haven`t written for a long time and why I haven’t been sharing my photos. Let me say first that, I am so thankful to have you all in my close circles! It just feels so wonderful to have people around me who are giving me inspiration & supporting me and my passion and to be able to in turn help them out when I can! I love it …