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“Nothing makes a woman, more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful”

Spring is the season when all the beautiful women are coming out of their home!   Few weeks ago, we had a lovely day, and I managed to pull an impressive woman front of my camera! I would be especially happy if you could write three words about her when you look at these photos. It doesn’t matter if you know her or you don`t. I am so curious to know what do you see out of the photos. Like some of my friends can say, I don’t even need to meet her/him, I know that she is an incredible person. And when I am asking how do you know? The Answer is – Look at that smile!   My words about looking at the photos are;  WARM, FRIENDLY, BIG HEART!  Beautiful Pili`s Photoshoot If you would like to have nice photos, please feel free to contact me! 😉 With Love, Ms.B