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Such a wonderful year and so many photos.
Here are 20+5 photos of last year.
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How to Start your new decade? Birthday “Photo Gift” For Yoann.

Is MsBLifestyle something ordinary. Not! People who know me and my work, they also know that I am nothing than Ordinary.  So that`s why last year I was taking photos of my friends/clients for their birthdays, and I always make sure that their photoshoot will be Extraordinary. So this time I had a photoshoot with Dear Friend of mine. He is one of my first friend in Geneva, and that means that we have a great history together. Then I knew, I need to organize a photoshoot that will make his 30s Fabulous! The inspiration I got from James Bond because Yoann is like a James! Who loves beautiful girls. travelling around the world and likes to have an exciting life. Yoann flew to Geneva, and we met up in Old Town… After few glasses of Champagne, we were ready. One of our parter was also a Geneva-based Jewelry Company Trepolo. Find more:  Website But of course, I can tell hours about this beautiful evening, but the picture will say more than 1000 words. If you …