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Such a wonderful year and so many photos.
Here are 20+5 photos of last year.
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Trepolo Photoshoot and over 10 000 Followers,

Hello my people, First of all, thank you each one of your for your support and messages. Now my blog has reached to 10 000 Followers! It is just awesome 😉 So don`t be afraid to click the follow button. Plus of course, I have those secret followers who are always reading my Blog, and they are thinking that without liking, following- I don`t know that they are visiting my Blog! Apparently I do know it, so Thank you also to my Secret Followers! So now I am trying at least once in a week- to share my photos, ideas and Myself with this beautiful world. TREPOLO– Jewelry Brand in Switzerland  As it happens pretty often with me that I happen to meet people who completely love Fashion, and then apparently we share same interest/s. Trepolo is probably the best way of buying your jewelry, without leaving home and saving time. Apparently I am the biggest Online Shopper! When people are asking me, where do I buy my dresses or jewelry, and then yes Most likely …

People will stare. Make it worth their while.

Hello! When I am reading my previous Blog post, I am like.. Seriously B. again you don’t have time to write about all the exciting things. Well, let me tell you where I have been. Last six months have been incredibly pleasant and busy. I had an opportunity to work with amazing Fashion Brand called Gemmina Mia,  I had photo shoots after one another, plus all of the wonderful events. But let me take a step by step and start from the beginning. So let`s go back in 6 months. Gemmina Mia, It is a leather bags and fur accessories brand- everything is hand made from England. During these months, I had a chance to get to know more about Fashion and also use my photography skills. (Please find the pictures below) I can`t say that I am the person who always buys the latest Fashion accessories and follows all the fashion bloggers.( I can already see how someone has grimaced face and thinking- “B. stop lying”) But let`s be honest, we all love beautiful things- …