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How to Start your new decade? Birthday “Photo Gift” For Yoann.

Is MsBLifestyle something ordinary. Not! People who know me and my work, they also know that I am nothing than Ordinary.  So that`s why last year I was taking photos of my friends/clients for their birthdays, and I always make sure that their photoshoot will be Extraordinary. So this time I had a photoshoot with Dear Friend of mine. He is one of my first friend in Geneva, and that means that we have a great history together. Then I knew, I need to organize a photoshoot that will make his 30s Fabulous! The inspiration I got from James Bond because Yoann is like a James! Who loves beautiful girls. travelling around the world and likes to have an exciting life. Yoann flew to Geneva, and we met up in Old Town… After few glasses of Champagne, we were ready. One of our parter was also a Geneva-based Jewelry Company Trepolo. Find more:  Website But of course, I can tell hours about this beautiful evening, but the picture will say more than 1000 words. If you …

When the world stops… “Birthday Glam Party”

Ohh.. It`s been a week… And the town is still talking about:  “Oh, Ms.B Turned 25 with the real storm and Party.” First of all big thank you to each one of you who dressed up and came to celebrate my birthday and Ms.B Lifestyle (Previous Ms.B Partytime) 3rd successful year. Because of you my people, I feel good and satisfied. Thank you for your all the messages and gifts! I love each one of them. Unfortunately during the event I didn’t have a chance to thank you and see all the gifts. I opened them another day, and I was just speechless. You all know me so well, you got me the best gifts ever. Plus there is one gift- Bracelet – which has an angel wing on it, and I don’t know who gave me this gift. I love it a lot, and I am wearing it every day. First of all, because I believe in angels & second of all – I feel the real energy around it. THANK YOU! Now let me …

Joyeux Anniversaire… “Pink Ladies Birthday Party”

“Pink Ladies from Grease were celebrating Giulia`s Birthday party” We all love Grease, We all love it! Wonderful Birthday party was taken place in Geneva American Dream Diner. Wonderful place to have your birthday party! Delicious food, EXCELLENT SERVICE – Friendly, Fast and good communication skills. If you would like to celebrate your birthday over there, please feel free to contact them. Please note that YOU need to reserve your table before your “Dinner Party”, because this place is crowded. Pink Ladies.. What do you know about Pink Ladies!? Some joke from the Musical “Grease” Marty: Do you think these glasses make me look smarter? Rizzo: No, you can still see your face. Frenchy: What do you guys think of Sandy? Do you think we can let her into the Pink Ladies? Rizzo: Nah, she looks to pure to be pink! Frenchy: Doody, how do I look? Doody: Like a beautiful blonde pineapple! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIULIA! Little Video As well… With love, Ms.B

Cocktail Time!? Send your Cocktail Photo and share your recipe with us!

Hello Hello Hello, Happy people how are you doing? I know that weekend is coming and it is time to do something. I guess you all have noticed that August is over and September arrived. Today I would like to introduce “Autumn Sangria”.  It has all the best out of Autumn- try it out 😉 ( Send your photo, once you have tried it) Produce 2 Apples 2 Pears 2 Plums Baking & spices 4 Cinnamon sticks Drinks 3 cups Apple cider 1 cup Club soda Beer, wine & spirits 1/2 cup Bourbon Other 1 bottle Of pinot grigio Instructions Mix all the liquid ingredients together in a BIG pitcher and stir it up really well. Drop in the cinnamon sticks and fruit, give it another good stir then refrigerate for a few hours or overnight. Give it one more good stir before serving. Cheers! MsB Partytime

This Summer Cocktail- Aperol Spritz with Champagne or Proseco!

Ohh, Summer is over.. Actually it never arrived in Switzerland, so let it be! But one thing is sure- I found my favorite cocktail this year- let me share it with you!   Aperol is an Italian aperitif similar to Campari but sweeter in taste. It has a relatively low alcohol content (11%) so perfect for  warm summer afternoons. Best of all, it’s super easy. Here’s how its done…  3 parts prosecco 2 parts Aperol (see Tips for where to buy) 1 part soda water Slice of orange METHOD Pour over ice and top with a slice of orange I  like to serve in a large bowl-style wine glass). Enjoy! WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SUMMER COCKTAIL THIS YEAR? 😉

MsB ” Glorious Time”

Hi, As I promised that now I will start to share more my work. ( Some of the things will arrive probably later than they should- So i already apologize for that- just i am having way too much materials) Today I would like to share with you some of my recent work ( Totally handmade). Eventually I made them over 100 cards. Have a look and looking forward to hear your comments.

7 Tricks for Pulling Off the Perfect Housewarming Party

Hi Everyone, How are you doing? Did you just move to Geneva and got your first apartment and now it is time to celebrate your new home? Or did you just bought a new house or apartment for yourself? – But that`s definitely needs some “Perfect Housewarming Party” Let me give you some great tricks.. 1.  Keep your guest list to a minimum. The secret here is simple: Don’t invite everyone you know. Since your goal is to show off your new space, over-inviting will only make things crowded and uncomfortable for everyone involved. Stick to a few close friends and politely break it to your barista, dentist and chatty cube-mate that they will not, in fact, be receiving an invitation. 2.  Highlight your favorite rooms. Set up appetizers and drinks in the rooms you’re most excited for guests to see. Love your new granite countertops? Then set up shop in the kitchen. Can’t wait to get rid of those awful blinds in the bedroom? Just steer guests clear of your sleeping space. 3.  Keep …

Are you planning to host a party this weekend? Do you need some party food – Check this out!

Weekend in Geneva is probably going to be rainy.. But why not to host a party? Invite your friends at your place and have some fun. But would you like to host a great party and cook some good food instead of just buying some chips and having some row vegetables? How about Mozzarella Sticks? Who dosen`t like Mozzarella..? First make a note that they are going to be huge hit, so make sure you will make them enough plus that you will make them ready earlier, because it might take some time. ( Especially when you are doing it first time) Bon appetit! Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups Italian-style dried breadcrumbs 1 1/3 cups freshly grated Parmesan 1 teaspoon salt 2 (16-ounce) blocks pasteurized mozzarella cut into 4 by 1/2-inch sticks 4 large eggs, beaten to blend 1 1/2 cups vegetable oil 4 cups Marinara Sauce, recipe follows Directions Stir the bread crumbs, 1 cup of Parmesan and 1 teaspoon of salt in a medium bowl to blend. Dip the cheese in the eggs to coat …

MsB Partytime is back from the Summer Holidays & Rasberry Moscato Sangria

Hello, How are you doing everybody? As we all know this year Switzerland didnt have a summer… It just didnt come here & that`s why MsBpartytime was busy with work. As you can see MsBpartytime looks now different and has some new options. This is all what i have been working on this summer. Your feedback is more than Welcome! MsBpartytime will be from now on a little different than it was before, but hopefully you will accept the changes and follow us. We have been working really hard this summer to make this ready & here we are today Cheers Let start this nice Wednesday with Raspberry Moscato Sangria: ingredients: Sangria 1 cup fresh or frozen raspberries 1 cup halved strawberries 1 cup fresh or frozen blackberries 1 (750 ml) bottle chilled Pink Moscato (such as Gallo) 1 recipe raspberry simple syrup (recipe below) 1/2 cup red berry or raspberry vodka 1 cup lemon-lime soda Raspberry Simple Syrup 1 cup fresh or frozen raspberries 1/4 cup granulated sugar 1/4 cup water directions: Sangria Add …