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Gemmina Mia- Autumn/Winter Collection

Good Evening, Autumn is almost here, although the weather is still very good. I have been already going around certain Online Stores and I got some amazing stuff for myself. (Will share this with you in the near Future) When sometime I can write hours and tell you the stories of me and my work. Then sometimes I also like to keep things short and share photos. As it is photo can tell a lot more than my words… But also I had a chance to take photos of Gemmina Mia latest Collection. You can find them this Autumn at the Balexert Globus and Globus in the middle of Geneva! 😉 Please enjoy the photos and your comments are more than welcome. Check out: GemminaMia With Love Ms.B

Most magnificient wedding at the Motreaux Palace

Despite the fact, that the whole summer, I have been working hard and also had very nice holidays everywhere. I am delighted to share time to time some of my/our work. And of course behind all of this work,  is not always only me. Half a year ago, I got a call where the lovely lady was asking me  If I would like to be the decorator at her daugther`s wedding. Apparently she has seen my work and loved it. In some reasons, I don`t share my all work with you. (Trying to do my best now, to share all of my work. That you could see what am I actually doing) The wedding was just magnificent, one of the most glamours and lovely wedding, I have ever seen. Have a look at some of the pictures, and if you need to organize your wedding, decorate it or some advice, please do not hesitate to contact me. WEDDING AT THE MONTREAUX PALACE 2015