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Gemmina Mia- Autumn/Winter Collection

Good Evening,

Autumn is almost here, although the weather is still very good.
I have been already going around certain Online Stores and I got some amazing stuff for myself. (Will share this with you in the near Future)

When sometime I can write hours and tell you the stories of me and my work. Then sometimes I also like to keep things short and share photos.
As it is photo can tell a lot more than my words…

But also I had a chance to take photos of Gemmina Mia latest Collection.
You can find them this Autumn at the Balexert Globus and Globus in the middle of Geneva! 😉

Please enjoy the photos and your comments are more than welcome.

Check out: GemminaMia

IMG_3136 IMG_3140 IMG_3157 IMG_3216 IMG_3223 IMG_3229

With Love Ms.B

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