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2weeks in Estonia. Estonian and Indian are sharing their Story of Estonia.

Estonia, my home country

We landed in Estonia on 1st of July; the weather was “Estonian summer warm”, which means you need to wear the light jacket. But apart from that Sun was shining and everything seemed nice.

We took a taxi to our First Hotel called: Pirita Top Hotel. First of all why did we choose this Hotel, was because it was by the sea, and we were close to the place where our Beer festival took place.  Second, because I always loved Pirita and I used to work nearby there. So little nostalgia moment for me.

Now.. Do I recommend you to stay in Pirita Top Hotel- my answer is No! First of all they don’t have Wifi in their bedrooms and when you check-in they don’t even mention you this. So you have to call them again and pay extra money for the internet.
It is funny, because everywhere in the world Estonia advertise itself, how High Technology country it is and The Internet is everywhere. Don`t buy this marketing bulls**t.

Well, of course, now you could ask, why do we need the internet when we are on Holidays. But even if it is for Primary use: Checkin buses or google maps etc. Plus apparently we never can stay away from our work, so The internet is part of our lives.

But that wasn’t it, most of the staff who is working there speaks Russian, so I have two options to speak in English or Russian. As, after six years studying Russian, I can`t say anything else than: “U menja jest velocipede then I will speak English. Which is not a problem for tourists, but as an Estonia, I find it odd.

Only good thing was the room service – they were excellent. Our room was always clean and nice fresh new towels. Thank you


Famous Beer Festival 

Well, we spent our first four days at the famous beer festival called “Õllesummer”, where you could taste all kind of beers from Estonia and abroad.
This festival used to be one of the most famous events of the Summer. Is it still? Difficult to say, it doesn’t have that much entertainment anymore as it used to be, or as much as I remember. Plus it seems that Event is just build up that “People, come and bring your money and get drunk”, that doesn’t really work 😉


For Estonians, Praveen is from Africa 😛

We had splendid days over there. Despite the fact that some “Local Estonian” people thought that Praveen is from Africa, and they recommend for us to go and visit It. I wish they could offer me a Safari Trip.


With my very good friends

We enjoyed good music and beers – our favorite one was from Vormsi, and another one was from Latvia( I have a card from this guy, but can`t find it at the moment).
As I am not a beer person, then this year apparently I started to like Beer more than Cider. In Estonia, you can find all kind of Cider Tastes- Starting with  Apple and ending up with gooseberry.  But they are so full of sugar, that I wasn`t able to drink it. So I sticked to the handcraft beers, which are apparently very nice.


2 am, and it is still bright outside! One of the reasons, why I love Estonian Summer!

IMG_1840 IMG_1857

Meanwhile we also managed to go to Pirita Beach, but apparently the water was so cold, that I wasn’t able even to go in. But Praveen managed to dive in and he was happy 😀

Pärnu – Will always  have my heart


Pärnu is located in the south of Estonia. I just love it. Pärnu has this feeling that you can call it “Holiday” it has its own vibe.
It is very touristic town, during the summer they have more tourists living over there than local Pärnu people.

IMG_1896 IMG_1901

In Pärnu everything is beautiful – Beautiful beach ( Unfortunately we didn’t have a beach weather). But during the summer you can find over 30 000 people & many activities.

IMG_2082 IMG_2081 IMG_2079IMG_2075

For sure there are the most beautiful Estonian girls and the best Pizza Restaurant Steffani ( Highly recommended)

Apparently at this Pizza Restaurant you can’t make the reservation, which I find it strange. So you just need to go there and wait in a queue. And just be aware, there is always a line and at least 30 minutes. But yes, the freaking Pizza is so good!

IMG_1911 IMG_1915

Pärnu is small and somehow quiet. Of course, there are also many good nightclubs and bars. One of my one favorite use to be “Sunset”. It is by the beach, and as it never goes dark in Estonia ( The sun is just not setting down), then you can party non-stop.
This year we also visited Sunset, it wasn’t our party over there, or maybe I am getting too old for “technoclubparties”

IMG_1885 IMG_1957IMG_1983

Also we found a small version of Geneva`s Jet d`eau!

IMG_2047 IMG_2030 IMG_2071

Haapsalu – My High School Town and Famous “Müüriääre” kohvik

Haapsalu is another Port Town in Estonia. I studied three years in this small little town.
Honestly speaking, I didn’t like this town, when I was studying over there. It was small, and everyone knows everyone and I didn’t connect with “Haapsalu people.”

Today, I could say that Haapsalu is a very pretty small town. Worth of visiting 😉

IMG_2105 IMG_2112 IMG_2124 IMG_2137

We happened to be there during the American Beauty Car show! So the little town was very busy and full of entertainment.


Of course we visited “Müüriääre” cafe, whoever goes to Estonia, then you need to go to Haapsalu and eat over there the best cakes ever! I am not the big fan of sweets, but seriously… Müüriääre cafe has the best of the best cakes!

IMG_2169 IMG_2166 IMG_2172 IMG_2158

As you can see how happy we were there 🙂

IMG_2150 IMG_2146 IMG_2142

 IMG_2221  IMG_2237

Prison, Prison and Cristal Clear Water 

Yeah, friends, dont worry we weren`t arrested! 😀

We also visited a very Famous Old Prison, and now it is one of the most popular swimming places in The North of Estonia and also the magnificent place for people who like to do diving.
Little Story of that place:

IMG_2297 IMG_2263

Rummu quarry was used as a mining site for Vasalemma marble (a kind of limestone) for a very long time. Most of the workforce came from among the detainees of Murru prison.

When the prison was closed, pumps that kept the quarry and the prison dry were shut down.
According to a legend, water rose so quickly that it covered a large mining excavator and other equipment that could have been taken to a higher ground well in time.
Here, you are going to find drowned buildings and other things that form a unique underwater museum and a paradise with unusually clear water for swimmers and divers.

Keep in mind: this is an unofficial and unguarded swimming and diving spot.


How sorry I feel for some people 

I thought that I will keep my Blog happy and positive. But my heart tells me that I have to share this story with all of you.

After long Travelling day, we decided to have a proper meal at Babyback Ribs, it is a very famous and delicious place in Tabasalu, Harjumaa
As Praveen loves Ribs, then we didn’t have a second thought.

We got a nice big table and before we were ready to order we wanted to go and wash our hands. Praveen went first, and I was waiting and talking with my friend.

Just to mention before I will tell our story. Estonians(Not all of them) are afraid of Refugees and everyone who is having the little bit darker skin colour is definitely from Africa. ( Not that South Africans are white) But this is not my job to teach Geography or Races to people.

Anyhow next to our table was a guy who started to speak:
“You see here they are already, they are coming to our country and getting Free housing, food and money. What do Estonians get? Estonians also go and work in Australia, and no one gives them house or money to live. They need to survive by themselves.”
I was looking at him, and I thought I might go and ask photo of him politely and then let him speak for all the world how does he feels about the refugee issue.
But I didn’t let myself bother with it, as Praveen is the decent and kind citizen.
Few minutes later he started again:” And you see those gay people, they want to have children. WHO ALLOWS THAT? They will make more gay babies.”
I just got so furious, I know he is the dumb person, who doesn’t know about the world. And maybe once in his lifetime, he has been in Finland (where he was probably the whole time drunk) and read one book in his life. And he believes everything what is written in the newspaper or sees in the news.

But I got mad because I have many superb gay friends and people who have faced the war or people who have darker skin colour.
You know what, it doesn’t make you a better person when your skin colour is white. Education and Manners, these are the two things that make you a better person!

So of course I asked to be seated somewhere else. But of course the food over there is “Au Top!”

IMG_2334 IMG_2329

Last night Sunset In Estonia

Tallinn is entirely magical Town! 😉

We enjoyed our Holiday and Praveen completely loves Estonia and the local food. Probably he enjoyed it more than I did, as apparently I felt there as a stranger.


IMG_2340 IMG_2337tallinn IMG_2335 IMG_2348



I can say that this time my friends made it Awesome! I had a chance to spend the best time with my childhood friends and share those great moments with love of my life Praveen.
He got to see my village and people I used to hang out with! He is accepted in my “Family” and this just makes me super happy!
Thank you once again and see you soon!


Estonian Version of Sisha, Apparently very very good one!



if you have any questions, Tweet or Comment me 😉

Love you all,


(All the photos are taken by me, before using it, please ask)


  1. Hi there! Thank you for the follow and the interest in my blog! Your trip to Estonia looks beautiful and what a beautiful blog you have! I wish you many more happy travels! – Poppie x

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