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How did Milan steal my heart…

We visited  Milan in April…

First of all, the minute we arrived in Milan Train Station I already knew that I will love that City.  Milan is precisely something for my heart: Fashion, Style and Friendly Handsome people. Italians like to take care of themselves, and this makes me happy.

We stayed in Milan 3 days, yes I know it is not enough to get to know all about Milan. We didn’t manage to go everywhere, but we got the best food and drinks. Plus of course the shopping – High Heels, dresses, Bags … uuuhhh. Did I metion all of it? Don`t think so

We stayed at the 4 star Anderola Hotel. The Andreola Hotel is a quality boutique hotel located in the railway terminal district in Milan, Italy. Step off the urban sidewalk and into traditional neoclassical Italian interiors extending throughout the lobby, sixth-floor restaurant and guest rooms.

Our Stay was superb and romantic. Italians are excellent in their service and breakfast was just Heavenly good.

Of course, we spend days with Shopping and eating.. Plus drinking some excellent prosecco and wine.

I also found another favorite brand for my better half, and they do have some beautiful things for women as well. It is called “Cutteridge.”

Now I am happy to share some photos and thank you for reading it.


View from our Hotel


Famous Shopping Street


Enjoying Milan 😉


Our Beautiful hotel

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