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“Beauty Event” – Just because you call it as an Event, it does`t meant that is is an Event.

Just because you can call it an Event, it doesn’t mean that it is an Event.


Last Thursday Manor and Uber Geneva, organized event, which was called “Beauty Event.” As I saw it day before on Instagram that they are doing it in Zurich and seemed pretty awesome. I decided to get my friends together & attend this Thursday Night Event in Manor, Geneva.

First, it was organized by Uber and Manor Geneva; I adore both- Manor is one of the best shop in Geneva and Uber has won my heart.
The best Taxi application and service been so far excellent( Using it almost 3-4 x per week).

On the “Beauty Ride” advert, it was saying that order Uber, you will get the makeup done meanwhile you are having the ride to Manor. So we got the “BeautyRide” and after few minutes they canceled the Trip and after this it was impossible to get the “Beautyride”, hmm.. If you advertize yourself and book “Beautyride” and we will bring you to Manor, but then … CANCEL! ( And it was impossible later on to get the ride)

All right, as it wasn`t end of the world for us, anyhow we were supposed to go to Manor.


When we entered Manor, all the Balloons were at the entrance and Manor beauty section was full of Balloons, ( As you can see it on the pictures).

But now, was it a Beauty Event?
When we arrived, then we had a chance to get some nice snacks and Martini cocktails, but that was it! No one came to introduce me their products.( Makeup, Creams, New Trends) . They were just standing there, and when we were taking photos, they came politely towards me and said do we know that there is the photo booth where you can have your photo/s taken IMG_5975
Honestly speaking if you would have taken the time to introduce me some of your products, I would have bought it. As I am still looking something better than my YSL makeup products, I am just so in love with it. Or some other products compare with it. As so far I haven’t found the better one. ( Thank you YvessaintLaurent).

So that was it: The Beauty Event was Full of Balloons and one main attraction – PhotoBoot!

Now if you`re asking if I would have made it better. No, I don’t think so, But if I had organized it, I would have never called it as an Event because an Event means something else for me.

Thank you,

All the best


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