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If your life is worth thinking about, it is worth writing about!

Hi everyone,

Opps, it has been a while…, sorry, hope you’re all doing great!

I am finally here again and guess what, it’s Spring Time in Geneva and we have all come back to life! The lambs are jumping in the mountain pastures, the bunnies are humping in the fields and we’re all about to eat a whole lot of chocolate…

It is so good to feel that Spring air is with us again and I woke up from my “winter dream”.  So many of you have been asking, why I don`t write my blog anymore and where i have been? There are many reasons why I haven`t written for a long time and why I haven’t been sharing my photos.

Let me say first that, I am so thankful to have you all in my close circles! It just feels so wonderful to have people around me who are giving me inspiration & supporting me and my passion and to be able to in turn help them out when I can! I love it when we all help each other out when we can.

What happened Last Couple of Months

 It’s been a couple of months since I last posted on here, you’ve obviously noticed that. I have been avoiding sharing stories about me or my life and friends. You’re possibly wondering why..

The reason why I haven’t written is not that I don’t care, it’s just I’m so totally busted as far as free time goes, I have no idea how my life got so busy and I’m certainly not complaining, it’s fun, only I haven’t had time to get back to you guys with news. Plus, in winter I like to hibernate, anyone from the north gets that.Looking forward SPRING – ENERGY – GET TOGETHERS!

Last year I needed to face issues and make decisions. I have always said that I am a strong woman and I know how to make decisions, but actually when it was time to make decisions, how strong was I? I learned a lot about myself, an interesting experience, however…

…have you ever heard of Vampire people? Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Yep. And here I’m not’ talking about Twilight or any silly Vampire TV show or movie. There are really vampire people out there, even maybe you know someone; someone who likes to “Suck” your blood (energy). I experienced this first hand recently, I felt every day how someone was eating my energy, how someone was constantly talking about me and attacking my integrity and how the “Vampire” got more and more energy and I became weaker and weaker.

By the end of the year I was done, I had maybe 5% left of me. And I knew if I continued like this, soon there would be only my body, but nothing else. It was scary, has anyone else felt that?

My advice to you, my friends, is that from this experience I realise that to positively engage with this world and embrace its challenges, you need to be around positive, engaging, authentic people. When you identify a vampire, leave the room, leave the poor creature to fade into its own non-existence.


The moment I made the decision to stop feeding the “Vampire/s”, I started to recover, my body was full of energy and ideas again; a my renaissance. . I had nothing in my mind that could hold me back from new projects and new ideas to explore. But then…

My thoughts went crazy  as I began to spiral into fear, what if the Vampire comes back? What if I don’t have a happy ending. What if…, what if…?

I hesitated, then tentatively began walking through that particular corridor of my mind. I opened each door along that corridor one by one. And I realized Why I am afraid of someone who lives of my energy, If i dont give it, then …

Lots of good stuff going on in life while I was hibernating.

I have so many beautiful photshoots to share, Some great Events, Fashion and Travel! Oh I guess now it is time to start writing about it.

(If you have anything you would like me to write about or you have got some awesome ideas, please do not hesitate to ask)

MsB Partytime Will be MsB lifestyle 

Hey, this year MsBPartytime will change her name to MsBLifestyle!!! I will share news about – Photography, Travel, Fashion and People who are changing the world and people.


I believe in Angles my friends & I know that you were meant to walk a little way with me, much respect!


With love,



IMG_2671Photo Facebook

(If you would like to comment and share some ideas, please comment below or directly to me, some hidden messages wont work, and I know that you`re reading it)


  1. I was hoping to see something about an engagement, a wedding date, and some shopping pictures from Geneva in preparation 🙂 Just kidding Ms B. Lovely post, I will keep updated when you share your links.

    Your friend from Africa 🙂 Now in Wales !

    • Hehehehe,
      It was just the story why I havent written for such a long time, no worries, I will not have anymore that many posts. It will be more fun and engaging 😉
      Thank you so much and all the best! Kiss kiss

  2. Lamanna Hedi says

    Dear Ms.Birgith. Thank so much for your blog. Your warm words and the bad experience you encountered touched me very much. I am so glad to know that you managed to face this problem and get red of people who made you suffer. I wish you strength for all your projects. I am convinced that with your personality you have success for all your plans. Kind regards H. Lamanna

    • Hedi, I just met you on Twitter but your words are just so touching and warm.
      Yes of course, I am strong woman, those kind of things wont pull me down. But definitely I got an excellent lesson! 😉
      Thank you so much for sharing your opinion with me, it is so important for me.
      Until the next Blog post and stories 😉

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