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Cocktail from DEE – Plum & Vanilla Ice Tea‏


MsB is more than happy that Dee send her Cocktail recipe for us!

As it is Plum season, then why not to use seasonal ingredients.


The cocktail is a twist on ice tea. It’s made from poaching plums with some sugar, lemon, vanilla and star anise. Once poached the fruit is muddled with some green tea and strained. Then mixed with gin, a few lemon wedges and lots of ice.
About Dee:
I’m a chef who trained in the world famous Ballymaloe Cookery School. Right now I’m exploring & learning my way through the culinary world and documenting it all on my blog as well as my life in West Cork,Ireland with my husband and a small collection of animals 🙂
Thank you Dee. ( More about Dee
If you like cocktails and would like to share it with others as, then feel free to send your photo ( You can just send photo of your cocktail or photo where are you with cocktail) And add some information what we need for this cocktail and etc
We are happy to publish it and eventually to put it together “Your home cocktails” 
Thank you

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