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The Ice Bucket Challenge-People stop making yourself so important.



During the last two months the Ice Bucket Challenge has been one of the most successful disease awareness campaigns in the world. Specifically, the campaign seeks to raise funding for institutions engaged in finding the cure to Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). We all have read about it everywhere and seen videos of people taking their ice bucket and dumping the water over themselves. So far, in the U.S. alone, more than $100 million have been raised. Yes, over 100 million dollars! Before this campaign research institutions did not have much money for research and development to find a cure. Nevertheless, today they have $100 million and that’s a vast amount of money to help people who can`t help themselves anymore.

The reason why I decided to write about ALS Ice-Bucket Challenge is because I am tired of reading other people’s comments about:” How we should always donate money( And not because of this campaign)- Yes of course we should, but didnt this campaign make you to understand it again; stop wasting water, instead save that scare resource (water), and so on. “Listen people, it is not about YOU anymore. You who…, have two legs, two perfectly working hands and are perfectly healthy, can type words, who can walk by him/herself, and wants to save the world, then please save it. Without saying that some campaigns are not worth it.

This time, It is about those people who are sick and they just live day by day understanding everything, but their body doesn’t understand anything, their body is like a rock (a rock which doesn’t want to move neither take a shape), they can’t express their feelings anymore. Because their body doesn’t let you to do it. And it’s like this every day.  Before this awareness campaign, the U.S. government did not want to support ALS campaigns due to the relative low number of people living with the condition/disease.

Why they decided this “Ice Bucket Challenge thing” ..Do you know?

It was to make you to understand for a second. Just for a second, how their body is frozen every day and what they have to feel_ EVERY DAY! But you needed to feel it only one second, did you?- You screamed, you were cold and you didn’t want to feel it anymore. It was just to make you  understand and also spread the word about ALS.

So now for all those: “Oh, you are wasting water and African Children doesn’t have anything to drink”. Like we know at least for the last 30 years, Africa has obtained lots of donations from all over the world and they are working with this “They don’t have water” problem as well. So can we just leave this example aside for a minute? I know that clean water is something what we need to  use properly, but for this campaign- I THINK IT IS WORTH IT!

Because “YOU,” who are in perfectly health condition; YOU, a person who wakes up every morning and can do everything by yourself – THEN BE grateful and stop making those comments how ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE IS SILLY AND POINTLESS! And of course mention (Make sure that you will mention)–”WE HAVE TO SAVE WATER”, but in the morning when you are brushing your teeth and leaving water to run- that’s ok! OR when you are taking half an hour shower that’s ok as well, but then you open your Facebook or any other social media channel and you say how you are not going to waste any water because of this campaign- because it is waste of water. Believe me your ice cubes in your cocktail are also waste of water…

Lots of people say that people don’t forget that you have to donate and those who doesn’t donate are just doing this for fun and they have no idea for why they are doing this. And honestly it doesn’t matter, what matters is the message being transmitted. Because thanks to all of those people who just uploaded their video without donating or donating made we all to know what is ALS! And that was the thing, I am sure that there are lots of people out there who didn’t dump the water over themselves but they donated money, without showing their bank accounts that they did it. They did it because it felt right thing to do and they were effectively in showing awareness of how many people is suffering from the ALS condition!

So you perfectly healthy person behind the computer who says that you are going to save water or “people stop doing it because it is silly”, then IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU THIS TIME! Stop proving to the world that you are such a nice person who saves the world, JUST BE THE NICE PERSON! So you could dump the ice bucket over yourself or just donate money, but stop showing off! Respect the people who can’t take a video like you just took or who typed those words on Facebook or Twitter. Your “Save the world” opinion doesn’t matter right now.

Thank you for reading this, Thank you for everybody who uploaded their videos, because thanks to you, one day we might have a cure for ALS! THANK YOU!

With Love and respect  MsBPartytime!


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